~Coney Island of the Mind~

By Maura & Michael Marlin
*With poetry inserted from Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Coney Island of the Mind is a hilarious 1920’s 'Who Dun It, under the Big Top!'
The show is reflective of the poetry of~
Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “A Coney Island of the Mind.”
Specifically Ferlinghetti's poem Circus of the Soul is orated in song.
This four actor Narrated Improve Script involves pulling six audience participants on stage to stand-in for stock circus characters in a 1920's Circus "Who Dun It" under the Big Top.  
Punk Austin and Mia Rose play the Gangster and his sidekick/ dame, kind of a Bonnie and Clyde couple.
Max and Moxie Rivers play the Carnival Ringmaster and his wife (the Bearded Lady).
These four narrators move the action along by narrating the lines of the audience members. The audience members will be be given costume/ prop pieces and participate as the Circus Characters onstage;
Captain Tubwater: Pirate Clown
Valencia- Acrobat
The Great ZUZU- A magician
Claus- Carnie Strongman
Little Connie (orphan child) 
Max and Moxie Rivers and Punk Austin and Mia Rose narrate the Circus Characters through the story plot and direct the circus characters in the circus improve games and through the mystery theatre of the "Who Dun It". These zany characters are scrambling to figure out who will get left holding the bag while audience participant circus performers play improve circus games and interrupt the who dun it mystery by creating comedic mayhem.